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Strategy Planning

Learn the best way to consistently drive sales and engagement on social media through our modern day solutions.

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UGC/Influencer marketing

Leveraging our vast UGC creators and influencer portfolio, we handle every aspect of your partnerships, ensuring seamless and successful collaborations.

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Ad management

Our in-house ad experts take care of your analytical dashboard in real-situ, making necessary changes along the way to ensure top performance.

Brands we've worked with

Why us?

Why ICA?

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Our community

Our vibrant community comprises top UGC creators and influencers across diverse niches, who's content converts, ensuring your brand finds the perfect match to elevate its presence.

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Sit back & relax

Swift turnarounds, strategic campaigns, and a meticulous eye for detail - We eliminate the stress for brands, offering seamless collaborations that let your brand's brilliance shine effortlessly.

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Modern mastery

We boasts a modern approach that goes beyound trends - it's our expertise. Stay ahead with our team, immersed in the latest insights, algorithms, and audience dynamics.

We help you go viral

We understand what makes people click – diving deep into the psychological drivers behind consumer engagement is our thing.

Did you know?

Before making a purchase, 77% of consumers actively seek visual content from fellow consumers daily

UGC boosts ad performance by giving 5x more conversion rates, 4x higher CTR and 50% higher engagement rates.

Frequently asked questions

Here are the most frequent questions brands ask us.

Our unique campaign approach and understanding of the way modern social media works is second to none. We know what it takes to drive sales.

We have varying package sizes based off what it is exactly you are looking for. We can accomodate for all clients!

Depending which package you chose, our creators typically take around 7-10 days to deliver your content.

We are niche agnostic! We have worked in fashion, beauty, health and wellness, skincare, cosmetics… the list goes on!

We are based in London!